Arokia Annai Academy Secondary CBSE School opened its door for the first time in the year the 2017, initially offering education for rural children. The school had its humble beginning with 18 Kindergarten students. The school's dynamic educational environment has continued to grow and reached Grade 8 in the year 2020.
Arokia Annai Academy was partnered with LEAD School to deliver world class education exposure to  students. The Entire fraternity of AAA Secondary CBSE School plays a pivotal role in Transforming the Students 
“Empowerment through enjoyable education and ethical excellence”.
“To develop in our children a quest for learning with immense happiness and complete freedom”.
School Management Committee
Arokia Annai Academy's management committee plays a pivotal role in the school governance to enhance the quality of education for students. The school management committee focus on educational behavioral development of each child and ensure the leading ness of infrastructure facilities provided to our students.
The management committee was found in the year 2019 for the welfare of this school students.
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